The Year’s Best Action Cam    

The Year’s Best Action Cam    
  • GoPro Hero4 the best action cam for 2016
  • Action cams with unique features available at
  • A cool, waterproof action cam with a great processor for better and faster video frame rates

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2016 is quite a year for action cams. Thanks in large part to the growing popularity of indie films, where action cameras are a regular sight, since more and more filmmakers are using these types of models when filming. But the question is: what is the best action cam in 2016? That camera must be GoPro Hero4.

This action cam has it all. With its powerful processor, GoPro Hero4 allows you to have faster video frame rates as well as quality pictures in the process. Consider these unique features from GoPro: the overall aura of the image is clear, it has a smooth slow-motion playback and that it captures scenes with Cinema-like precision. Plus, its waterproof features enable you to use the camera even on a downpour.

So, if you are asking what is the best action cam in 2016? The answer is pretty obvious. One look at GoPro, you can easily deduce that it brings to life a memorable moments through its quality videos.

Just check out this cool action cam at, and see for yourself how this camera impacts your life in a variety of ways.