The Significance of Using Keywords in  Adobe Lightroom

The Significance of Using Keywords in  Adobe Lightroom

What is the use of Keywords in Lightroom?

Basically, keywords are customized words and phrases that describe a certain image or file. It is the most convenient way to help you search, identify and find photos in the library module. Once added to the image, keyword phrases can be read by the developer’s other program such as Adobe Photoshop, Elements, Bridge, and other post processing software that supports XMP application.

LR14Lightroom provides a lot of simple ways to include and apply keyword to images. You can either select or type the phrases in the keyword panel in WordPress or drag images to specific keyword categories.

In the Grid view panel, images with keyword phrases displays a certain thumbnail post. All available keywords in the module can be viewed in the keywording list pane. Moreover, you can modify, create, remove and rename the keywords anytime you want. When adding or modifying keywords, you can either choose a certain well-known phrase or create your own catalog.

Essentially, keywords can cover categorical keywords. Like for example, the keyword “best lightroom presets” or “special occasions” contains images with important events such as weddings, birthdays, baptismal, proposals, graduations, new baby and other events.

In addition, you can manage and organize keywords into clusters in the keyword sets. By selecting a specific set of keywords, appropriate keywords are more reachable. Appropriate keywords are useful, especially when you are in a rush and you want to find that file immediately.

Hopefully, you were able to understand everything about keywording in Lightroom and how to use it properly. These keywords will mainly keep files and images by content, topic, and anything you want to categorize. The most important thing to remember is to use keyword phrases right. It’ll not just help you save time in locating files, it will also help you organize your entire image files.