RTV Mission


We spent two years traveling across the country, running seminars and workshops. We met hundreds of keen photographers and listened to their comments, ideas and visions. The many pages of great feedback helped us immensely in identifying how the digital revolution impacted this wonderful passion for many, business for some. Photography has not changed. We still find pleasure in capturing a moment, being occasional or created, and enjoy emotional reward in perpetuating it. We love it because it allows us to beat time, bring back the emotion of the moment and share it with others.

Technology has changed. It made photography accessible to many more of us but more importantly it made it easier, faster, better and less expensive. However, revolutions always come at a price. Today’s technology is growing at such a fast pace that one may spend more time reading manuals than taking pictures. We know that many of you feel lost between technology and technique. Things should be kept as simple as they can be to allow the achievement of our aspirations. That way we can focus on results and not on how to get there. And it would be great if we can have fun while we are doing it, because yesterday will never be tomorrow.

The difference between education and training is the real world. The acquisition of knowledge becomes relevant only to the extent of the use we make of it. The rest is pure academics which become culture if we decide to make it a part of us, let it be our choice. Let technology become the servant of creativity and not the other way around. Sharing is a clear sign of power. From the time of the ancient Greeks humans have enjoyed the benefit of debating and confronting opinions and ideas. They used to do it in the Agora’, the local square, today we enjoy the comfort of our couch and sleepers while we click the mouse. Belonging to a community is also important, we know that.

So we created Renovance.tv – it’s good to see you here.
Sheri Basso
Executive Producer