If you are an avid fan of photography, you have to keep up with a lot of things. Why? Because a lot of new digital cameras are being released in the market, upgrades are coming out, and camera accessories are popping out.
LR44Basically, using digital cameras alone is not enough to produce a high-quality image outcome, you really need to use a tool like Adobe Lightroom to help you modify the image to make it perfect.

Since Adobe Lightroom is considered to be the most powerful and useful post processing tool in the market today, I prefer to make a brief and concise review about the features and services of the program. But before we start, make sure to upgrade your Lightroom software to its latest version.
To begin with, Lightroom is a tool developed by Adobe system to assist and help professional photographers with their editing workload. It is also a tool that will help photographers save time and effort in their editing process.

Here’s a video on how to install Sleeklens Lightroom presets on Mac and PC:

Personally, I have been using Lightroom for years, and I can say that I am satisfied with the features and services provided by the program. Also, I enjoy getting the best lightroom presets 2015 at

Below are two of my favorite features of Lightroom.
Radial Filter Tool
This is probably one of the most exciting features in Lightroom that I am very grateful for. The radial tool allows its users to freely enhance images by dodging, masking, burning and healing issues in the image. The main goal of this feature is to remove blemishes and unwanted spots.
Facial Recognition Feature
Facial recognition feature has also been included in the latest upgrade. This feature is basically common in mobile devices and other softwares, however, Lightroom wasn’t able to include this with their previous version. This allows user to tag and add keyword for easy file storage.

The difference between Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom

There were a lot of times where people mistakenly think that Adobe Lightroom is just a mere replacement of Adobe Photoshop since it has similar features. But, they don’t understand that both popular programs have differences and uniqueness. Basically, each program offers unique editing styles and techniques.

Why Photographers consider Adobe Lightroom as the best photo application?

Photographers prefer using Adobe Lightroom because it helps them save a lot of time in editing by using Lightroom 5 presets. Unlike in Photoshop that requires manual editing, Lightroom offers presets or filtered images that can be applied to one or more action video camera reviews  images at once.

Importing and Exporting Images

The Lightroom program can be a great help to those users who want to avoid manual editing to save time and effort. With Lightroom 5, importing and exporting images was made easier.

Undoing Changes

Unlike Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom is more capable of undoing changes made especially when developing customized presets.

Online Bundles of Presets

The good thing about Adobe system is that they allow their users to download ready to use presets online. There are a lot of best free lightroom presets available online. They can choose whatever styles and designs they want for their images. However, they are advised to take precautionary measures in downloading as some bundles are full of trash presets.

Transferring of Files

Transferring files in Lightroom made easy. Users can now modify, save and transfer tons of files in one location. Unlike photoshop where users need to save files one by one, Lightroom made sure that users will not waste any single time in processing their images.

As what we discussed above, Adobe Lightroom 5 contains a lot of exciting features, especially when creating Lightroom presets. These features will not only help you save time and effort, this will also help you achieve a more professional perfect image.



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