Month: January 2016

LR1111In today’s modern era, the job of every photographer is not about taking raw and random photos, it’s only a part and the first step of the job. Before they can come up with a very nice and unique images, they need to modify it with the use of the best post-processing tool like Adobe Lightroom. The program is combined with several varieties of Lightroom HDR presets and other useful editing tools.

What is Lightroom preset?

Basically, Lightroom preset is a set of image collection with effects and styles that are bundled into a single interface allowing users to apply it to their images efficiently. Moreover, Lightroom presets are more like of filtered images that often see on Instagram, Facebook, and VSCO, however, it can be applied to one or more images at once.

Here are the four reasons why you should use the program. Lightroom presets can help you:

Save A Lot of Time

Unlike in Photoshop wherein you need to manually edit the images one by one, Lightroom presets help you save a lot of time and effort because you can apply one preset to hundreds or even thousands of images at once.

Attain a Consistent Image Outcome

When you are modifying hundreds of images in one editing session, using the same Lightroom presets will help you attain a consistent result. Your images will have a uniform look, depending on your desired theme and style. By using Lightroom presets, you will never have an issue with inconsistent results. You also don’t need to worry about client’s complain.

Create A Customized Presets

Instead of downloading free Lightroom presets online, it is best that you create your own customized and styled presets. By doing so, you can share it and sell it online and earn from it. Lightroom presets have a lot of advantages, you have to use it right for you to gain appreciations and rewards.

There are a lot of free photo editing tools available in the market today, and the most common question I’ve heard from photographers and other users that want to start out in their photography career is “What is the best tool to use? Is it Photoshop or Lightroom?” and “What are their differences?”.

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Both Adobe programs are on the top list of the best and reliable post processing software. While the two software share a lot of similarities, as they are created and developed by Adobe, they also have their unique features and services that will help you in your editing workload.

Similarities between PS and LR

Basically, Photoshop and Lightroom have a lot of similarities since both programs are using one processing engine called Adobe Camera Raw. Lightroom is just like a simplified version of Photoshop with new editing features.

Here are some of their common differences:

File Management

One of the main differences between Lightroom and Photoshop is the file management methods. Lightroom can do more organization tasks than Photoshop since it has its own Catalog. All the changes and modifications you made in Lightroom are automatically stored in it or a certain Lightroom presets folder. Unlike in Photoshop wherein you still need to save it on different file locations on your PC.

Modification Tools

Lightroom is one of the best tools Adobe has ever made. It’s fast, reliable and can be used for hundreds or even thousands of images. The editing tools in Lightroom are far better than Photoshop since it doesn’t require any manual editing method. However, photographers can use Photoshop for an in-depth editing process.

Post-Processing Workflow

Between the two popular programs, Lightroom is the most convenient and reliable tool for photographers. It is specifically designed to help users simplified their editing process. In addition, users can add useful keywords, tags and metadata for easy file access.

On the other hand, Adobe Photoshop is clearly developed for professional photographers. Users are required to spend more hours in editing images manually and one by one.

Overall, both programs are useful and effective. However, if you really want to finish all your editing deadlines, then Lightroom is the best tool since you can do everything in it and save it in a Lightroom presets folder. But if you want to focus on one image, Photoshop can help you with that. And at the end of the day, both photo editing tools will give you good and high-quality results.